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May 12, 2016


Jeanne Pursell

These hamburger buns look delicious! I think we will have to try them! Especially because Sloppy Joes are one of our favorite meals!


Hi Lindy! You are so sweet...but I dont have any major tooth whitening secrets. About 3 years ago my dentist had a special on custom whitening trays. He took an impression of my teeth and gave me a custom fitting tray and a few tubes of whitening serum. I used those the one time but havent done anything since. Im sort of a low maintenance gal (I even cut and color my own hair), so I havent given the whitening aspect too much thought, but its so nice of you to say I haves ice white smile 😄 thank you!

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Sherelle, this is gonna sound silly on a hamburger bun post... or maybe even a little too personal, but I'm still wondering, do you bleach your teeth? ;-) I see you standing next to others, and I think, there's no way her teeth can be naturally that white? It looks like you bleach them, which is what I want to do! :-) If not, then good on ya, it must be genes?! But, if you do... would you mind sharing what you use? Crest white strips? Or have a dentist bleach them? Or baking soda? What ever your doing, I wanna try, because your teeth always look so white! :-)


Thanks!! I know all of your recipes are tried and true!! :)

Little Quiltsong

Thank you for another great recipe. These look delicious!!


These look fabulous! Thanks for sharing, cute friend!

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