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May 02, 2015


Betty Mailhiot

You are such a talented lady in many ways, an inspiration.
I love photography too and have some nice photos and about nature too.
Thanks soooo much for sharing pictures of your beautiful family and amazing farm!


Lindy...thank you so much for asking about May and June. Last summer, June somehow got out of our fence and was hit by a car. We couldnt find her and searched for a week straight. Our sweet neighbor found her under a tree on their property and we think she was hit and disoriented and then ran to hide. Poor May was so sad and lonely...she stopped eating and became very lethargic. We found her dead in the flower bed a few weeks later. It breaks my heart to even think about it. It was very hard on our family.

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Hi Sherelle, can you please tell us what happened to May and June? We only see the other two now? They were so cute, and Russ' best friend was June? I don't have an instagram acct., as I know you could answer back on there, but I can't leave this message there :-( Did something happen to them?


As always, thank you for sharing your family with us. They are growing and looking happy with all of the farm activities. Such a blessing to be able to raise kids in that environment, I think they learn so much more about life and family. Looking forward to your next post. Thank you again.
Julie W.
Arlington Tx.


As always I love all the photos, look like a very fun filled month of April!


brak mi słów:) przepiękne zdjęcia, masz piękne dzieci i wspaniałe życie:) A Twoja mamusia wygląda najwyżej na trzydzieści lat :)

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