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March 26, 2015



I just found your blog today and subscribed. I was looking for sourdough bread recipes and how to do the whole sourdough thing. Love your blog and your family photos. I am originally from North Dakota but have lived in Maryland for over 30 years. Making my first sourdough bread loaves today.

Kathryn M

You've been busy this month! Love your Aussie Mini's :~) My baby girl is also a mini aussie, so smart...and what a character. Love her!

Maryjane~The Beehive Cottage

Oh, I love your life and all the wonderful pictures you take of it! Thank you for always sharing the good life! Kepp on inspiring! xox

ellen patton

I love all the photos. :)


Oh I just love it when you do an update!! Love those vintage tablecloths!! I also hang out all my wash to!! Love the smell and the bed linens are the best!! Tell me do you have any secrets on keeping whites white??


I have been waiting patiently for an update and pics!! I live vicariously through your farm family. The kids are getting so big, and your farm is growing....... love all the new animals, plants and gardens. Blessings to you and your family and keep the posts coming!!


I LOVE that top vintage towel with the apples, cherries, and blackberries on it!! I am excited you posted something. I recently discovered your blog and spent weeks going through it.

Dawn Cosgrove

Always love to read your blog! Your month of March looked absolutely lovely :) cannot wait til Hudson is old enough to really play & explore here in our farm..just like your kids do! It's a blessing to live on a farm and raise them out in the country!! Happy Spring!!


Wonderful glimpse into your life. I always think how does she do it? Are there more hours in the day where you live? Lol Would you consider sharing your daily schedule? I remember a long time ago you saying how you don't watch tv or mess around! Do you get up at 4.30am and get to bed by 9? I feel like I chase my tail all day :) You are an inspiration.


I always love your updates and the new paint color is beautiful! Grace is just growing up into such a lovely young lady (it goes by too fast). Blessings to you and yours!

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