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January 21, 2015


alicia king

amazing! love all of these sherelle! i love that you get to take an awesome trip to hawaii during the winter :)

ellen patton

What a fun trip!! It makes me want to count how many swim suits are in these photos. :)

Jeanne Miller

Nice to be back here seeing your beautiful pictures again. I've been such a facebooker for so long, but trying to get myself back blogging again. I commented on your instagram that I am not much of a beach person- part of that is because I never looked great in a swim suit, even when I was thinish, but also because I would be so fried! So would my kids- at least half of them! My husband and I didn't go with family this past year to one of the islands. There was the part that it sounded like "you should totally want to do this" and the other side that thought "that's just not our cup of tea" I knew I would have loved to take pictures, and see the pretty stuff, but the burned and sandy bodies, and emotional meltdowns of weary, sensory sensitive children, and maybe even myself, and a few other reasons... just decided it wasn't the best time. But I still love to see the pictures.


wonderful pictures, wonderful family time... thanks for sharing that. Love from Belgium and Tenerife ;)


What a wonderful opportunity for your family! I love all of the pictures, and the COLORS!!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

beautiful, thanks for sharing!


What an awesome opportunity for all of you! Your pictures capture such joy! I just love seeing everyone so happy. Can you even imagine living in a place where the weather is like that almost all year round?? I can't... I do hope to one day get to visit Hawaii. The closest I have come to Paradise is Bermuda...and I just love it there! And it's only a quick plane ride off the coast of North Carolina! Glad you all had such a great time. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your phone...though...that's not good at all!!
xo Jeanne

Laura King

Sherelle, theses photos are so full of life and just beautiful! And to think, you did all of it in just 10 days (and gorgeous photos even with the loss of your iPhone- amazing!). You have inspired me to get out and explore more of the island while we are here; we are without excuse! It was such a blessing to get to catch up with you a bit while you were here; so thrilled it worked out! Jeff really enjoyed David, too. Love to all of you, and Lord bless you til we meet again!

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