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October 10, 2014


Jessi hill

Amazing sister!!! Just amazing!!!

Mary Preston

You have an amazing garden! All of your fruits and vegetables look so yummy!! I will be very happy to have a garden like yours!

Viki Powell

I have been an admirer of your photography for some time and have just loved seeing your farm. This garden is beyond beautiful...thank you for sharing your harvest. Wow, makes me want to run out and dig in:) So amazingly beautiful!!


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That is amazing. I love your photos. Just curious on some things. I am putting in a strawberry and raspberry patch. How do you organize them? Also what kind of watering system do you use for your gardens and orchard? Love your posts you are amazing


I never get tired of seeing photos of your garden. It's beautiful. I just moved to 3.5 acres and will finally have a chance to garden next year. You are my inspiration:)

ellen patton

One word: Wow!


Beautiful pictures! I apologize if you have had to answer this before, but where did you find the pans you and your children carry the produce in?

Robyn Longhurst

Thanks for sharing this!! It truly made me happy to look at the pictures! And today...I needed happy for some reason. THANKS!! You are awesome and I'm glad we can say we are fellow farmer wives! Proudness! ;)


this is completely AMAZING...
your garden was beautiful when I "met" your blog, but become the most beautiful I have ever see !
A dream.....
Love from Belgium,


Your garden is my absolute favourite! I seriously have looked at your blog 3x already! (Specifically this post :-) You give me SO much inspiration! So much! I would love to know the running total of how many cans you canned or how many lbs!


LOVE your garden and thanks for sharing where you get your seeds.


You already know how much I love your garden and I know your kids are so amazing because of the way you and David have raised them. They are not only the hardest working kids I have met but some of the sweetest kids as well. I don't know what I would have done without all of you and your family's help getting our house cleaned when we moved. Love you so much and miss you more than you know! Seeing all of these photos make me so happy and gets me excited to have a garden again.


Oh I love the cucumber phone!


Wow! I'm so impressed! It's soooo gorgeous! Magnificent!


Such a beautiful garden, and what a huge blessing to your family!


I love your garden, it's beautiful!! I would love it if you shared how you preserve everything and how you use it!!!


Wow your garden is so amazing!! So do you eat all that food or share with others? What a lot of work and I just love how your kids are all helping you!! What wonderful lessons they are learning!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Wow! that is one amazing garden. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful Fall.

Gary Lee Moore

This is magnificent!
When I ran a calf ranch for ten years in Northern California I had a 1/4 acre all organic garden. 100+ chickens, two kinds of turkeys and a mess of runner ducks. 200 beehives, a few sheep, and 30 rabbits. I tried to keep it to 30...
I love these pictures, they are beautiful. I have a new found and huge respect and admiration for you now.
Thank you for sharing.

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