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October 17, 2014



like your site and photos (once they loaded). Took a long time. I think because they may need to be reformatted in .gif format. I had the same issue with some of mine. (Just a thought). very nice site and beautiful family


I miss those days filled with hard work and togetherness.... I can still smell the fuel from the big potato trucks in the early morning fall air. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your beautiful life.


day after day, year after year, we follow your adventures, your life...
I feel like I know you as in the real life, and even if we sometimes talk on Facebook or instagram or whatelse, I feel so precious those moments you offer us...
thanks Sherelle, you make your family a so beautiful one, I think in English we say "one of a kind" isn't it ?

My English is poor I know, but I hope you understand what I mean ;)

Take care of your so sweet and unified family, this is so precious...


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