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October 05, 2014



Hi Kristi! I used unbleached flour :)

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Kristi Carr

I am looking forward to baking a loaf of your Parmesan, Basil, and Rosemary Bread!! Do you use un-bleached all-purpose flour or bread flour?
My daughter and I enjoy your blog. You are such an inspiration to us!! Thank you!!


dear cherrelle,
I read your blog for years, I love your life style,
Ithink you may be the happiest woman in the world but you miss 1 thing ,
if you get it you will be sure the happiest,
please watch this video on youtube


I really appreciate your mentallity and mannars coz of that i wish you happiness .


you saw that on instagram, I was so proud of my peppers cans ;)
thanks so much for the recipe we can't wait to taste them !

ellen patton

Very cool. I wish I was your neighbor and could visit you and help out!


Wow...what a blessing all that canning & preserving is! Although I must admit I am tired just looking at all the hard work that you guys put into it!


WOW! I Love following your blog+your instagram account. So real and beautiful! I"m curious if you have a tally of how much food you process. pounds, cans, etc!
When we have kids, I know for sure that gardening, canning, etc CAN be done With them!

Roseann Spiegelberg

all i can say is ~ wow ~ so inspirational ~ works of art ~ would love to see your cellar/pantry...and come for supper/dinner!

melissa smith

Now that is the coolest!! Everyone working together and it sure looks like everyone is having fun. You are set for the winter..lol. I just love your blog.


I love that you have so many family members helping you. You can get so much more done that way


You are awesome!! One day I will get into canning :) maybe you can post a basic starter list of things I need to get!

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