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September 09, 2014



Following your blog over the years makes me wish I was a farmer because what an amazing childhood your children are having. Or be one of your children. Fun summers and amazing food.


Love all your photos. You are so talented. Looks like a great summer making awesome memories with your kids.


Your post just made my day! What a gorgeous family you have, and the love just shines right out of all of you. You're so blessed...thank you for sharing!


I love watching your kids grow over the years.
looks like an amazing summer!

ellen patton

Looks like it was a summer filled with water fun!


Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful family memories with us! What a great time you all have together!! xo Jeanne


What a summer of fun! Look at all the adventures in the water. You have a beautiful family. :)

Lisa Johnson

Wow, the girls have really grown and changed a lot this summer, especially Grace.
It looks like y'all had a FABULOUS summer!

Sigi G

Just LOVED seeing all your summer pictures. Are you sure you had time to do canning etc. inbetween? Just kidding! This reminded me soooo much of when we lived in the country, with 3 big gardens - 4-wheelers - time with family and friends. These memories are the BEST! Thanks so much for sharing your memories - it really took me down memory lane!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

No amusement park can compete with what you have. What a blessing and thank you for sharing your summer. Beautiful photos and enjoy your fall.


Seems like you have had a super fun Summer...Every picture is fun filled...


I'd take the life you've created over any amusement park, any day! You are such a wonderful Mom and inspiration - I also love how you've embraced and love your life as a Farm wife, helping David and showing all the awesome sides of creating the great food we enjoy when we got to our local stores or restaurants. Keep it up Sherelle, we need more like you!

P.S. My children watch every single video you post of the awesome water slide, and when my husband and I look at land that is their top request - it must have a hill so that we can create the same type of slide one day, LOL!

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