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August 13, 2014



Karl just opened a jar and told me "perfect !"
it means a lot haha...
good recipe !

Shannon J

Where do you keep all of your canned goods? And I would love to see how to storage your jars not in use.


Thanks!! I also have a general canning question. I canned some of your yummy salsa recipe last night but, I didn't process them in the canner. Is it too late to process in a canner today although they all have sealed already? The salsa we usually make every year never called to process in a canner and I'm still eating some from 2012. Now I'm worried that I've been doing it all wrong!

Thanks so much!


These sound delicious!! Of course, the pictures are AWESOME!!


Oops! Yes...its 1/2 cup :)

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Can't wait to try these!! Is it a 1/2 cup of cider vinegar?


Oh I agree! It is artwork and my family LOVES all of your canning recipes!!!


Your canning is artwork!

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