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July 21, 2014



New to reading your blog. Love it! Our son and family live in Boise and we love to visit Idaho. Such a beautiful state. Enjoyed your wonderful pictures...

Brandy M.

Great photos! I am a fellow potato and barley farm wife in Colorado. I love seeing the blooms on the potatoes and it's great to see a nice looking crop coming.

Here's to a happy and safe harvest come September!


Beautiful post, as always!! Love keeping up with what other farmers in different parts of the world are up to!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

I love your photos and thank you for sharing your beautiful family.

Pamela K.

I love your photos and love reading the details of farm life. I share your farm posts with hubby since he worked on a farm as a teenager. Being a city slicker, I'm fascinated with all the comings and goings of being a farmer. For instance, when you explained how you kill the potato vines 3-4 weeks before harvest, I had no idea. My hubby on the other hand was like, "duh!" Lol! Thanks for sharing!


Hmmmm..not sure if my last comment went through or not? I keep getting an error message that I am not entering a valid URL? I just want you to know how much I enjoy your sharing your lovely farm photos AND seeing more of you and your husband! The fields look awesome. What does it mean to "check the fields"? The pups have grown so much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us! Jeanne

Marinette Lesne

You know that I love reading and seeing in pictures your life. I adore your simple life ♥


I just love your posts and look forward to them. Wow what large bails. Do you have to lift those onto your flat bed and what do you use to do that? We in OH have small bails which the boys can handle and the large round bails which we use a bob cat to move those

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