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November 16, 2013



Love looking at your pics. Makes me miss home (Oklahoma). Funny how kids have so much fun with the great outdoors and animals:)



I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs! Could they have gotten into something farm-related (like a pesticide or something)? What are your new dogs names?


So sorry about your dogs. They are so special and so hard to lose. Glad you have new puppies to help you heal. Always enjoy your updates and photos.

Natalia Pavlenko

I love your pictures. They are very positive. You are all beautiful and happy.
I live in Ukraine. Your landscapes resemble my homeland.


So sorry to hear about May and June, just breaks my heart, and more so for your children. Dogs give us such unconditional love and faithfulness. So I assume you got some new puppies to take their place? Thanks again for sharing more pics of your family, the kids are growing up so fast!!! Happy Fall to you and your family!!


Such sweet photos of your family farm. Animals sure can pull on one's heart strings, but life would be lackluster without them...so glad you have adopted two more furry souls. :)

p.s. The photo of your Lily with the kitty is breathtaking.


I always enjoy your photos and updates on your blog!

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