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October 26, 2013


Denise M

I found your site somehow when looking.at chicken houses. Someone linked to your chicken mansion. I have been totally admiring your beautiful photos. You are a talented photographer and your family is very photogenic. {Sp?} Anyway. Lovely family and farm.
We looked at Idaho to resettle but couldn't find a place that met our needs and that we could afford. Idaho was our first choice but NE Washington is where we landed. Lots of work aheadd turning this old place into a working homestead but we are gaining on it. Beautiful country and wonderful community. And thankfully a late and mild winter this year so we could snug up the old house.
Off to look at more of your beautiful photos! {Oh, the freezer corn remindeed me of my childhood. Wemade freezer corn every year from dad's fresh picked corn. Eating it in the middle of winter was like fresh all over again! Yum!}


Sherelle, I haven't been on your blog forever, but those pictures are so beautiful! Your new puppies are sure cute too!


Beautiful family and pictures!

ellen patton

Your pictures are wonderful! We've had a beautiful Fall in New England. I love this time of year.


Truly beautiful! I have a good friend that just moved to Idaho and what a welcome this Fall has been for her family - they have loved how gorgeous it is!


Beautiful photos of your beautiful family !Happy Fall !

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

beautiful photos! Fall is my fav time of the year!

Pamela K.

As usual, beautiful pictures! Love them!

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