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September 01, 2013



YUMMY! Love fresh garden produce! Nothing better than going out to the garden and seeing what you have accomplished and to have fresh veggies year round after freezing, canning etc.!


Not so sure I could deal with all of that at once! Absolutely love your photographs. You have inspired me to take more "everyday" photographs of my family.

Thanks! Anne


Gorgeous photos. Amazing harvest. I wish you were my next-door neighbor! :)

Holly Costello

Mmmmmmm... would you share your soup recipe? Looks delicious!

Sunny Simple Life

Just beautiful. What a bounty. Love all that fresh produce. I know your family must really enjoy it.


Oh my goodness that makes me tired just looking at it lol. But how wonderful it will be in the middle of winter to enjoy those wonderful fresh goodies from your garden. I agree as well that I just love your photography - you always capture it just right.

Ronee Malama

I absolutely love the array of color.....


Oh how wonderful for you and your family. It looks like a farmer's market!!



I can see a Winter full of goodness!

Jessie McLaughlin

You just amaze me Sherelle!! I love your photo skills and I admire all you do with cooking, gardening crafting and raising a family!! Thanks for sharing!! :)


I love to see your photos! You're a fantastic photograph!

Kisses from France!

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