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September 16, 2013


Lee Cockrum

Wow! Do you all work together and then share the results?


I would totally love to see all your jars lined up like little soldiers. Gleaming and beautiful in their storage space!!!! You have to have an amazing amount of room to store all that away.

The filled jars are prettier than anything in the world.

ellen patton

Wow is all I can say!


Wow, you have been busy this summer. What a blessing to have so many helpers in the kitchen and a nice full pantry!



This took me back to the days when my maternal grandmother put up fruit and vegetables on their farm in Vermont. All the aunts and we cousins took part, depending on our ages and abilities. Seeing the photos of you all working together and the gorgeous jars too.. well it brought all the memories back. I always loved seeing the many shelves full of jars, with all the colors of the preserves, jams and jellies, stewed tomatoes, corn,and so on. It must give you an enormous sense of satisfaction.


Me, too!! Please share all of the items that you can. I saw a watermelon in one of the pictures...you don't can watermelon, do you???


I would love to know the totals of the amount of jars you canned. Also, everything you canned.
I have LOVED following your garden/canning posts this year, and have been very inspired!

Canaan Farm



Amazing !So nice to be able to enjoy your garden produce all year long !

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