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August 02, 2013



So happy that I found your site. Photos are great; So beautiful ! Makes me wish I could live on a farm!

Marie Angelique

So busy! I am learning so much from your blog because next year, I will be a farmer's wife and it seems like such a foreign world to me right now. Your posts always make me smile because they are just little bits of happy moments.


Busy busy busy :) Looks like everyone is happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing!


I love your blog! I ran into it through Pinterest. So cute. My husband and I also farm, we are close by here in Shelley so it's fun to see all your farm pics! I can definitely relate! Love all your canning tips too!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I love how your photos celebrate the little things of life! Love your whole blog - It's very much my style. Can't wait to see Idaho in real life this month on our vacation!

Sarah H.

Beautiful! Looks like a wonderful summer!


Great summertime photos!


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