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July 17, 2013


Heather McDonald

Wow!!! You are so talented. Beautiful photos of Shelby. Congrats to her as valedictorian of her class. Awesome. The CD sounds great!!

Marie Angelique

How exciting for all of you as a family! I will check out her cd later today!


Wow congratulations!!!

Kristin B

Looks like you have a smart, talented sister. :-) Excellent photos and graphic design, as always!


Congrats Shelby. What an accomplishment. Go Knights!!! My alma mater 1996. The pictures are lovely Sherelle. -Steph-

Carolyn Peeler

Hi Sherelle, It's been a while...hope you are well. Great graphic design job on her cd cover and graphic design and photography on her grad announcement. And, congrats to Shelby, what an accomplishment for her!


I will be ordering this soon, can't wait! Her senior photos are awesome, great job (I love the beehive theme)


Im sure that Shelby would love to send you a signed copy!!! Please shoot me an email at sherellech@msn.com and I will get you in touch with her :)

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Pamela K.

That is so awesome! Is there any way that you can set it up to sell signed copies? We have not heard the last of her I'm sure! Congratulations, Shelby!

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