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June 26, 2013


Sharalee Hoard

Just an FYI, I'm a newbie to your blog and would like to subscribe and that link isn't working.

Marie Angelique

this is too cool! Thank you for all the photos and videos! I love the fiddle!


That was great! You can sure tell they have worked hard!!! I showed Suzannah and she said, "she only got third for THAT!?" She was very impressed! :)


Oh my gosh, how fun! Love fiddlers!

Heather McDonald

Wow!!! I'm so impressed. So beautiful and so very talented. Thanks for sharing.


Linus (my #3) is so hoping to start taking. I turned on the video of Grace playing and he heard the music, came running in shouting "This, This Is What I Want To Play" - I love it.
She plays amazing, it is wonderful you all have supported this love as a family!

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