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April 09, 2013



Great photos! Love seeing families spending time together doing fun things!


I'm always inspired by your family's love of the outdoors! Great photos, and Grace looks just like you in the pic of her in the four wheeler.


Your family and photos inspire me!My hubby and I are so ready to get out of California and raise our growing family somewhere away from all the chaos. I love looking at your beautiful documentation of your life on the farm, your decorating, and homemaking tips.
Thanks for sharing!


Geesh, your hills look a lot like the one's in our backyard. Gotta love the sagebrush and the volcanic boulders. Looks like a ton of fun.


Amazing views. What a fun treat for everyone. I know my boys and pup would have a blast if we lived somewhere like that.


spectacular views!!!!!!! what a beautiful place you've been blessed with!!! :)

Heather McDonald

Love all these photos. What a beautiful place to live...so many different views. I love how your kids appreciate the great outdoors.

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