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March 03, 2013



We went to both Disneyland & Vegas on a road trip this past fall. We all loved it, of course. We stayed at the Golden Nugget in Vegas & the kids were in awe of the hotel & voted it their favorite hotel of our 2 week trip. Looks like you had fun vacation!

Becky G.

Looks like so much fun. I don't like the crowds either, but we do it for our kids, right? Great memories!

Robyn Longhurst

Glad you had fun. We want to get back there, soon!! Did you end up staying at the park or off-site?


Where did you guys stay and do you have any tips or advice? Any favorite places to eat? Did you take your girls to Ariel's Grotto (is that where your princess pictures are?) We are planning a trip in April :)

ellen patton

I grew up an hour from Disneyland and we went once a year. We always went on Mormon Night! I hadn't been to LA in almost 20 years and went last year and spent a day at Disneyland and California Adventure. It was such a fun day!!

Mollie Elliott

You and your family are adorable and seem so happy. So fun to see your photos and read about your life.


I live in So Cal and HATE the cost of going to Disneyland, so I admire that you paid for SIX PEOPLE. :) Y'all would have loved Knott's Berry Farm. Think about it for your next trip. :)


Glad you all had a good time on your trip! It IS a bit on the scary side when you see Vegas for the first time! Or even Disney! I remember being in awe of everything my first time and I was in my 30's!! Beautiful pictures of the whole trip!


The Idaho "bubble" isn't so bad, lol. Especially when you leave and see what else is around you. It's nice to get home and tuck your kiddos in. I love how you cataloged the trip. So fun to view.

alicia king

how exciting for you guys, i can't wait to take my kids someday :)

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