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February 21, 2013


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I love raspberry and I think I'll have to try this recipe very soon.


Vicki- Ive tried it both ways (fees ground and store bought flour) with great results both times!

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A friend posted this recipe on Facebook. I also homeschool and might try this one. I have a question, though. Your info sidebar says that you grow wheat. Do you use freshly milled flour in this recipe? Just curious how that would affect it.

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Hi Sherelle,

That's a nice recipe.

These were fantastic. Kids LOVED them. I made a normal batch then made another with white chocolate bits. Delicious


I made these the other morning with strawberry freezer jam. Yum-O! Was a huge hit with my kiddos.


My son has so many food allergies that homemade (or real food) is the way to go for us! But as soon as breakfast is over and school begins, my son starts to starve. Apparently learning burns a ton of calories! Thank you for sharing! We'll try it out tomorrow!


Thanks for sharing this yummy and easy recipe! I made it this morning and used some of my homemade raspberry jam and some of my homemade cherry jam. My husband loves them:) Have a great day.


So glad your family enjoyed them!!!!!

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Made these for my family this morning and they all raved about them!!! Thank you so much for sharing 😊

Dayami Lauzurique

Thank you for sharing!!! They look yummy and gorgeous!

Pamela K.

Yum! Going to try these soon. Thanks for sharing!

alicia king

sweet! these look good, i'm going to try and make them, key word TRY! lol! love your new header, who is that relative in the old pic?

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