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February 08, 2013


Rosemary Watson

I love this idea! You take such beautiful photos. Just discovered your blog through instagram


You mention that you designed 10 templates, 5 of them are available for download. Have you decided to make the other 5 available. I would love to have them. Thanks for sharing.


I have been using the two templates you posted last year to get caught up on 6+ years of pictures and memories, I see you posted several more templates, thank you! I love this simple system and was able to get two months of pictures done in just two hours recently, which gives me hope for getting caught up and providing my family with recorded memories forever! Thank you!


Uhm, You are totally AWESOME! I love the simplicity of project life and I have been digital scrapbooking since it's birth. I love simple layouts and I think you just made my day - that and someone just might give me my dream parrot for free tomorrow (I have a small one but this other one would be quite large and talkative). Perfect day.


Great pages!

Jill Scott

I agree with you, Sherelle. I used to scrapbook traditionally too and it just isn't realistic to get it all done that way. This is going to be my goal this summer, to get my pictures into an album SIMPLY like this. Where will you get your photo books printed? I haven't found a site that will let me upload my 12x12 layouts to be printed. Granted, I haven't spent a lot of time looking, but if you know of a good place, I would love the tip. Thanks for sharing.


I have to agree with the previous comment...I too can get lost in your gorgeous photos for HOURS on end...maybe even days!! You do indeed have a gift Sherelle!! Absolutely beautiful project life books too!!


I could get lost in your beautiful photography for days on end. You have SUCH an incredible gift! It doesn't hurt that you have gorgeous models and surreal surroundings either :)


Your photo's are beautiful & I love your project life style!! It would be fabulous if you could share your other templates. Congratulations on your lovely family :)


I love this idea! You have inspired me....I downloaded your templates and put together 10 pages last night! I would love some other templates to use. You are so generous to share. Thank you! I can't wait to get my pictures in a book for my kids to look at


Alos how do you put the dots around the edges?


Love your templates and of course your photos are amazing. When you print your books do you print a book for each child?


Oh the pages look fantastic!! I have eight children and started scrapbooking with the last four. My sister in law sold creative Memories and talked me into it. I have no craft space in thsi house and so now I am years behind. Sometimes I can't sleep because I am so far behind and just do not what to do.
I like what you have done!! Such wonderful memeories!!

Heather McDonald

Love the new look of your blog! :-) always love looking at your pictures.

michelle h

Oh, those are great! I used to scrapbook "hardcore" like you mentioned...but then life happened and while I still took pictures, I just didn't have time to actually get them into books!! I am just now starting Project Life and am thrilled at the prospect of making REAL progress. :) Your pages are inspiring--your pictures are wonderful and tell the stories. Thank you for sharing.


You have AMAZING photos!!!


i like your templates!
This year my Projekt Life will be a digital photo book, so i would be happy, if you share your templates with us!
Thanks a lot,

Brenda Walker

I was so thrilled when you posted about this last year. I like you did traditional scrapbooking for years and although I still love it I just don't think it is realistic for me to get my stuff out and do pages. Your project life version it just perfect for what I want. I need to get my pictures off my hard drive and into books. I love the simplicity of your and how the pictures are the focus. I would love to use your other templates. I am currently using the other 2 that you have posted. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


I don't know about anyone else but I know I would cry a little if you had your templates available! This is how I do my scrapbook too. I love the "no mess" situation! :) You are so inspiring!


I would love to get the rest of your templates!

Diana Lewis

I have always loved your pictures and now seeing them in this form, just amazing. I would love to have your templates available for download. Thanks for sharing.


I so need to do this! I didn't even realize that you had templates!! I really need to do something like this to get my pics off the hard drive and into the albums. I love too the photos and the journaling, that is what is important. No one is going to see the pictures if I keep them on the hard drive and no one will see very many of them if I scrap them because there is not enought time or energy to scrap every picture.


in one of your pictures you have a spring bread cloth draped over rising bread..is there any chance of seeing a close up of that cloth its look rather pretty


To be honest with you I love your version of Project Life best. That type of project does not need anything else but photos & journaling.
I would LOVE to get the rest of the templates. I also remember years ago you showed 1 of those books and I was speechless, it was absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing!
PS Could your family be any more beautiful? :) Hugs!


I love them!! Love love them! I would love to for you to upload your templates & share your amazing talent, so the rest of us can get our pictures off the hard drives!! I just downloaded your 1st 2 & can't wait to see if you will share the other 8!


love them! I have used two of your templates and would love to see some more!

lori jolley

love it - I NEED to do this!

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