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October 21, 2012


Mary Ellen

What a grouchy lady she was in not sharing the snowman template...no one here is trying to sell her ideas - we just love learning new things to make....she should stay off the "free" highway of internet if she does not wish to share. Must have been like that as a child...lol


Dear Sherelle!

Your heart is beautiful and full of God's LOVE!
Thank You so much for this deep moments that I feel seeing Your life-pictures...

God Bless You and care your family!

Tibor from Budapest/Hungary

Lisa P.

You photos are always amazing! How do you round the corners of your pictures. I can do it with photoshop, but my technique takes time for each pic. Is there a faster, easier way of doing it! I love your pics!

Hanne Christensen

What a great blog you have, such great photos. I see you have a danish last name....the same as mine ;)

Hanne from Denmark


My, your oldest's hair is gorgeous, and she is looking more like a young lady. I agree, time flies too quickly. Too many birthdays coming up over the next few months at our house. Luckily I still have until May for an 18 year old.... I have a feeling that might be emotional combined with graduation.

Kim L in ATL


Tricia K.

Your children are just beautiful! Have you ever considered doing an on line photography class or do you have a recommendation for a class? I have the expensive camera but no talent!

Heather McDonald

Beautiful pictures...your kids are precious.

Connie Baird

Great photos and beautiful kiddos! Love you all! Auntie Connie


GORGEOUS!!!! so lovely to see the girls with their hair down! the braids are always lovely too but this is a nice change. thank you for sharing!!


Thanks Eileen! We wont be able to make it the stock show this year...but we hope to make it the next year!

Sherelle Christensenwww.sherellechristensen.typepad.com

To: sherellech@msn.com


What a beautiful family and your portraits are stunning ! you and your husband are very blessed and must be very proud! Any plans to be part of the Denver Stock show fiddling contest this year. Would love to hear your family play! Missed you by one day last year.

Pamela K.

Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! :-)

Holly Costello

Beautiful portraits!!

ellen patton

They seem like the nicest kids. Lucky you!

Susan Freeman

What beautiful children you have! I am not just saying that to be kind because anyone can see that they are stunning. I would not be surprised if Hanna Anderson asked them to model in the next catalog. You must be so proud of them and the portraits are very precious.

Susan and Bentley

Ashley Hanson

They really are getting big :( !But they are amazing kids and absolutely gorgeous. Im lucky to be their cousin! Love them to pieces.


They are HUGE and sooo gorgeous!!! God bless them. I wish we would have a cooler weather down here although today it's pretty nice. Anyway, as always I absolutely love these pictures. Have a great day!

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