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September 01, 2012


Maxine Downing

Oh my goodness! I grew up with my mom freezing and putting up corn this way. And also using large galvanized tubs on saw horses dumping fresh veggies straight from the garden to can veggie soup. It was no fun as a kid (and that's because they didn't know how to make it fun) but I appreciate those days so much. And the soup was so good it's hard to duplicate now.


Hello, I would like to freeze corn the way you show in your pictures, can you please email me the instructions?

Thank you,



I love this!!!! Most of all I love how the whole family helps!!! I need to show this to my kids!
I grew corn for the first time this Summer. I was not very successfull. The ears of corn were small and I got some kind of pest, like a beetle, that did not make the experience pleasant.
I would love to try again next year. Any suggestion?
Thank you for sharing your life!


WOw such an amazing family!!! i wish I knew how to can!!!


Quite the production. Love seeing evryone working together. What kind of corn do you grow?

Dayami Lauzurique

ooh I hadn't seen these!!!! love love love it!!!!


Oh I love it---you are so very fortunate !


That looks like so much fun!

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