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September 17, 2012


Nora Vigil

First timer Canner.
How long of a shelf life span do Nectarines and Peaches have after canning. It seems easy to can.


I came here for the cobbler recipe. Thank you! I have some wonderful whole canned plums and am looking for good recipes for them. The cobbler sounds perfect.


Can you can nectarines without sugar? Or does it do something specific to preserve? Could I substitute for it using pure maple syrup? I can't have sugar so I'd appreciate your recommendation! thanks!


Beautiful pictures! I was wondering how you halved the nectarines, though. They never seem to twist apart for me like peaches do. And out of curiosity, why don't you remove the skins on nectarines the same way you do peaches? And recently I was making peach jam and I blanched first to remove skin and THEY did not twist apart either (which was ok for Jam, but would not be very pretty for canning slices), was it just the variety? I got a fresh-unblanched ones to pull apart with a little effort. Sometimes when peaches are really ripe, I don't even need to blanch to remove the peel, I love when that happens!


Thanks for the recipe. We have three plum trees and I can every year. My kids and husband love the plum cobbler. It's a great way to add variety. I've juiced them, made jam and eaten them canned but this is terrific.


A friend (also named Sherelle) gave me several jars of plums last year and I didn't really know how best to enjoy them. I can't wait to try the cobbler recipe!

Dawn Zaidel

I followed the recipe for canning plums (not using as much sugar) however they where mushy. Is this a normal consistency, or does the sugar make the difference. Im a diabetic and cant use so much sugar and trying to cut back but still enjoy canned fresh fruit.


Your photos remind me of the days I homeschooled our three children and everything we ate was home grown and home preserved. They were involved in all of the upkeep of the garden and so eager and happy to participate in the preservation and cooking. You have a wonderful eye for capturing the love of the moment and your kitchen also reminds me of my kitchen of those days - ahhhhh GREAT memories....thank you!! Karen on Whidbey


Wonderful recipe!!! I feel like I am right there with you guys in your kitchen! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful recipes!!

Liz Elliott

Love all of your canning photos, tips and recipes! I wonder if you have ever counted how many jars you own? haha Your hard work is an inspiration to us city folk! Your whole family is gathered around, including auntie and grandparents, to help in the process. What a fun family activity...hard work, laughter and time spent together are the perfect ingredients for happiness and great memories!

Misty C

Curious. Do you use your ceramic top to water bath or camp chef? If ceramic top stove, any tips/tricks?


I love reading about your canning adventures and how involved your kids are in the process! I also enjoy canning and our garden was plentiful this year despite severe drought, so I've had plenty to do! Tonight I finished off the last of my apples and my freezer pie filling so we'll have lots of yummy pies this winter!


As usualyou have captured wonderful family moments perfectly in your photos. I opted not to can any fruit this year - but your images may have just cahnged my mind!!

Dayami Lauzurique

In love!!! And congratulations! You are simply amazing!
Dayami :)

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