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September 01, 2012


Reginal Aguilar

I see lots of pictures of pickles. but I can't seem to be able to locate the actual recipe for the pickles. Do you share it? Thanks...

Plumber in Seattle

Do you make dill pickle relish - all the ones I see have sugar in them and I do not want sugar in there . . . can these be diced to make small jars of dill pickle relish´╗┐.


I came over here from .... I can't remember where, but was interested in your dill pickles. I did that yesterday.
Canning is tiring work, looks like you had some great help!
Now I'm off to check out your recipe.

Melonie Madison

Yum! Great pics:)

Joanna Murdock

I just found your blog and love it. I was looking for instructions on canning tomatoes. And yours were great. Thank you. I used them and put a link on my post back to your blog.


I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your farm. Our family just bought a farm and would love to see some of your tricks for growing great veggies and fruit. We are getting ready to plant grape vines, do you have any advice to help get them established? Also, would like to see your storage area for all of your canned goods.

Susan Beth

Canning pickles is great, but my real question is: do you clean your kitchen before you take those photos? Because if I was the one doing that project my kitchen would not look so put together and beautiful. I'm feeling a bit intimidated!


Thats a lot of cucumbers !!! Great photos ! I am curious as to how many plants you plant to get that many ?


We are moving from Texas to NY in a few months - I cannot wait to get back to gardening so we can do this too! Everything looks amazing!

Dayami Lauzurique

aaaawww more please...more more :)
LOVE looking at your pics.

ellen patton

how many mason jars do you have in your home?!? i bet hundreds!


You guys are amazing !!! And those pickles look great...enjoy !

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