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August 31, 2012



Lori had a question, whereby she thought that "corn had to be pressure canned, not water bath canned.." and I'd like to try to answer that question. Just today I bought a pressure canner and cooker. On the box it says, "The only method recommended safe for low-acid foods by the U.S. Department of Agriculture." And then it goes on to say, "Doubles as a boiling water canner for fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, and salsa." Since this recipe is like a corn salsa, maybe a water bath is just fine. This recipe looks really good and I'm going to try it this coming weekend. Currently, there are many ears of corn at the farmer's market.


This is really good on a chili dog!!!


You can put corn relish on tacos it awesome on chicken tacos. Salad or just scoop it on son chips. I will try this recipe sounds good ! And I store my canned goods in the basement or a cabinet out of light and heat or extreme cold. Usually you can keep properly canned food for 1 year. I try not to exceed that. But I know people who do and they are still alive but I don't recommend it neither does the health departments.

Betty mc caffrey

How long can this be stored? For instance can I give out at Xmas? Where do I store the jars?


If you are using a pressure canner, do you still have to cook it on the stove first? How long in a pressure canner? I thought corn had to be pressure canned, not water bath canned....am I wrong?


I loved the recipe and seeing the older canisters in the back ground. I found some that were exactly like my grandmothers and I am 64. I use them to store things in. I also use my antiques and find them useful.
Love to can myself. Do not live on a farm, but we help out at a small farm in our area of AZ. You would most likely call it a very large garden, but in high dessert mountains of AZ it is called a farm. We grow in green houses and a few small fields.


You can use flour or cornstarch as long as you water bath it, you need to heat it for at least 15 minutes for pints, and 25 for quarts in a boiling water bath, its been done for years, but if you don't want to use it the relish will be more like pickled veggies with only the vinegar. The obvious thing is that you use care when opening a jar, if its not looking right, don't use it. Don't leave it on the counter, and be really careful when making it!


I thought you weren't supposed to use cornstarch when canning?

Sarah R.

About how many quarts would you say this recipe yields? I'm ready to make some now with leftover corn from putting up last night. :)

Della Lopez

My kids will surely love this one. We will try this at home. Thank you!


This looks delicious!!!!

Jennifer Newton

What do you use corn relish on? And I would love to see where you store all of your canned goods also?! Love your blog!

Misty C

What do you use corn relish on? Do you water bath on your flat cook top?


I'd love to see where you store all your canned goods..please


Lovely!!! Thank you for the very special recipe.

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