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June 29, 2012


Tauna Woodruff

Okay, I'm afraid I'm venturing into stalker territory now. I can't seem to peel away from your posts.

That is an EPIC slip-n-slide. I'm so jealous.

I've never wanted to live in the country or on a farm, but you make it look so appealing.

Kathy K.

Wowwwwww! I just stumbled upon your blog in my search for a pic of 4th of July Jell-O. Your photos are so beautiful, what a lovely slice of Americana. I'm so glad I've found this, scrolling though the different photos from your farm is like flipping through a glossy magazine.


our farmis competely and totally flat...wishing we could have something like this is would be SOOO much fun...what is the big concrete thing full of water that the children are sliding into?...its winter here in australia frosty and cold we have to live thru you guys in the northern hemisphere for kicks for the next few months

Tammy Dixon

How fun! Love the picture of the dog with a towel cape on :)

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