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June 26, 2012



I had a beautiful scale but it ended up in the barn to measure feed for the show pigs!

cafe net curtains

I really like the overall look and feeling of your house from the images you share; so heated and satisfied.


I love the look and feel of your home from the pictures you share; so warm and happy.

Tauna Woodruff

You've made me want to collect vintage scales. I also love your shabby chic decor. Just my style.

Michelle Philippi

Will have to check out that shoppe in Weiser - a little Saturday afternoon drive with the family perhaps. I love the look and feel of your home from the pictures you share; so warm and happy.


Oh I love the first scale so much!! Love the color to. I love how you display them in your home. I would love to see more of your front entryway:)

ellen patton

I like scales too! I have a few of them. I was in upstate NY a few years ago and found this cool antique shop and the woman must have had 75 scales in her kitchen! It was so cool!


YOUR HOUSE IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! You have a killer eye. Not like that's new or anything :)

Dayami Lauzurique

Precious :)


i am a wee bit in love with scales maself here is my most fav set http://farmgirl67.blogspot.com.au/2009/03/honest-weights-measures.html

Kelli Waite

I came across your site thru Mommy's Kitchen and I am loving it. You have a beautiful family! You all seem to have sooo much fun together. Hope you all enjoy the summer and will check back in soon. Oh by the way..AMAZING scales!!! I love antiques and vintage goodies as well.


Love those scales. I have on old one that is in grams and I use it all the time, mainly for making soap. Yours are beautiful!

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