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April 21, 2012



My goodness that first bee pictures is sooo beautiful- love the colors.
My girls have been begging me to get the sprinkler on under the trampoline. They are loving this warm spring too. We have only had it on in the front though, but they still ran through it a little. Bike riding practice for Libby has taken up most of her spare time though.

Heather McDonald

I love how you and your family cherish being outside and soak up the sunshine. The slip and slide looks like fun! But cold!! BRRR.....

Pamela K.

Your pictures are amazing! I'm wondering if you would mind sharing what kind of lens you use? I'm in the market for a macro lens. Grace does a great job taking pics! A chip off the young block! :-)


Looks like your family had a wonderful day on Saturday.....summer is almost here;-)

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