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February 29, 2012


alicia king

hey busy girl! long time no blog! miss your posts...just thinkin' of ya!

Lee Cockrum

Great photos! I love LOTS of photos, to me that is what an album is about. And you manage to put in some great journaling, so you have the best of both worlds!


Love your pages! thanks so much for the templates!!


I love the idea!
I have a blog in which I post about our lives in the USA for my family that lives in Brasil to look at. They just LOVE reading about/looking at what we've been doing and all that. And I love to share it all with them but it seems to be somewhat time consuming for me.
And on top of everything else, I cannot find time to sit and organize a scrapbook or even a photo album. So, I have been considering, ever since I saw what you've done with this "Project Life" you've created, taking the time to invest in doing something similar instead of blogging. And then I could send them copies of the pages, maybe monthly. I hope this works out!
Thanks for sharing the idea. And I wanted to mention too that I would really love it if you shared with us a bit more about homeschooling, the projects you guys work on, your schoolroom, and some of all that good stuff. I started homeschooling my oldest this year and have been looking for inspiration and ideas and whatnot but cannot find anything! Even though we have everything we need and then some, I'd still like to peak around.
Anyway, Gorgeous pics! Great job.


thank you soooo much! I LOVE the idea of Project Life, but HATED the idea of doing it by hand again! I am so in love with digital so this is perfect! And I already use Blurb for all my photo books....really, I can't tell you how excited I am to have some awesome templates and to get going on this project! Thanks a million!!!!


I so love this idea. I'm going to be 58 years old and I am overwhelmed at the thought of doing either traditional or digital scrapbooking with all the bells and whistles! I was going to invest in the Project Life stuff to and then decided to look at all my paper scrapping goodies I still have that have not been used. I think I can manage putting together some 12 x 12 books using templates. I work with PSE 10 and CS5 so I think I can create some that I can use over and over again! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Brenda Walker

Thank you so much for sharing your "how to" with us. I have been trying to figure out just how to keep up with pictures and this is perfect. I was wondering if you keep memorabilia and how you plan to incorporate that into the book or what you do with it at all? Thanks for sharing parts of your life through this blog with us

alicia king

great layouts sherelle!

Christi Williams

I am working on my Project Life, love you layouts!


First you are so incredibly sweet to post a how to and offer the template! Thanks so much! Second, your life & family are so precious I just want to climb right through the computer and spend a day with you on the farm! I dont know how you do it all. Really you must be SuperMom!

lori jolley

Thanks Sherelle - I am going to try this - Its not working for me to print and add photos to a huge album! I'm not even taking photos much lately because the amount of photos I have on my computer is overwhelming!!!


I love your project life!! I too decided to try it my own version of PL this year, but I haven't even completed Janurary. I love your look a lot more, is beautifully simple. I am going to give your templates a try for February. Thank you so much for sharing them!! You are amazing & I love that you take so many pictures, most of us don't take enough. Thanks again.

Gretchen C

love your layouts!! thank you for the templates :)

Dayami Lauzurique

I am absolutely LOVING your PL. Thank you for answering 1 of my questions and for the tutorial!
BTW I didnt remember about the *egg in a hole* recipe. I used to make those! Making them again this weekend for my family.
Thank you!!!!
Dayami :)


Looks great! I love this idea so much and think it is much more do-able than scrapbooking would be for me!

Brenda Walker

Thank you so much for sharing your downloadable pages. I am going to give this a try.


This book will be quite awesome when you complete all the pages. I love all your photos. THANK YOU for sharing those templates. I am going to try it out...you are so very talented and thank you for sharing. It's so simple...the pictures make the pages!!


What fun Sherelle! Love the music too :) Have loved your pics, and I still look at them often, although I don't comment a whole lot.

tammy d

Those are so great! What a fun keepsake at the end of the year :) Great picture as usual. What a great group picture of the boy at the blue and gold. Could you send me a copy?

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