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February 23, 2012


Ruby Campbell

I really admire people who are musically genius. You are so lucky that your whole family are all given a wonderful gift from God.

Anne Elkins

I'm loving your blog (which I found through Pinterest . . .)!!! It looks like you do everything I do & other things I would love to do!
I would love to get sheet music to all of the fiddling songs . . . Is there any chance I could get the names and publicatoins or email your daughter's teacher?

Keep up the great work!


Super emotional day for me I guess, but I just got all warm and fuzzy thinking about how much joy music brings. Maybe it's because I skipped ward choir for a month and went back today. But I really appreciate your family's love of music and their talents they share. It's very inspiring to myself and my kids. We don't get to do a lot financially, but the music lessons they've done have been so worth it. My son plays the trumpet at school (so loves jazz- trumpet is almost paid off!) and my daughter benefited so much from her lessons with Shelby- she made music more accessible for her. It was so neat to go to the Rest Homes and see the joy the music brought to those folks listening. I love what you all do and I think your kids are very talented, and have great teachers.
And thank you for sharing all of your talents through this blog as well- homemaking, canning, farming, cooking, gardening, photography, craftiness- it's very inspiring as well. And I especially love the picture of your little girls in front of those cool yellow doors!

Sarah Merrill

So fun! You have such a talented Family! I had a question for you, I've been really considering homeschooling my kids the last few months and I'm just starting to "wade through the water" in finding how to go about this! :) I was just wondering what curriculum you use or method you prefer. Thanks! an awe-inspired reader! :) Sarah

My email is: sarahlanae@gmail.com or my blog is: mymerrillfamily.blogspot.com


Congrats on the wins. I love to hear your family play. Don't you love Dillon MT? I was lucky enough to stay there for several days visiting an aunt and uncle who lived there. What an amazing little town. I loved the beauty all around it. And the people were all so friendly

Heather McDonald

Thanks so much for sharing! Loved hearing the music! Your family is so talented. I was excited to see a couple new posts! :-)

Dayami Lauzurique

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Congratulations to all of them for being so wonderful! God Bless them!
Dayami :)

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