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December 26, 2011



Your posts sometimes make me feel a bit homesick for the past. Pine nuts have great memories of deer hunts in Southern Utah. I never knew how they were harvested--- they look green in the picture, which sheds some light on the process for me, but our family friend Denise always roasted pine nuts to bring to the deer camp.


What a wonderful family you have! So much family fun!


so cute that shelby and grace are so close...So lucky! Poor little chicken :(
I love seeing your xmas decor...Love it

Michelle Philippi

I used to always think that Shelby was your eldest daughter....until I started paying attention ;) Holy hat your parents look young. Momma looks good! - LOL!
We're big geocachers too. Is there a place on your land that you can hide a geocache and people can come find? The more we got in to it, the more the kids wanted to do that part of it as well - hiding and naming their caches and seeing what people say when they find them.
Looks like a beautiful Christmas.

laura franzoni

Sherelle dear, your affections are a reader who writes to you from Italy (Lake Como). Excuse my bad English.
I wanted to make you and all your wonderful family best wishes for a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.
Thank you for the beautiful emotions that I gifts every time I come to visit your blog and see these beautiful photos and a family that fills my heart with joy.
You have beautiful children!
Best wishes from a reader, your affections


First I am sooo sorry about the chicken! That is awful. It brought memories when I was little and my favorite (a one legged chick) chicken "titi" was killed by another chicken! I wanted to kill the big bad chicken and then die w titi!!!
Anyway, loving the gorgeous pictures, the family together and your beautiful kids. Have a great week!

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