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December 27, 2011


alicia king

cute family photos, love the outfits!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Beautiful family and thank you for sharing them with us.

Terry Oler

great post Sherelle! And a great reminder of my own blessings! Thank you!


You and Lisa's family were on my mind over the Holidays. I'm sure glad you have eachother! I like your comment about being "in love" with the beauty of your world. I think we are all pretty blessed, it is just a matter of removing the clutter from our lives to recognize it, which you do SO well...living in the country helps a little I think :) Just wanted to say I enjoyed your post and Happy Holidays!


love to see that you and your family had such an amazing christmas!
you can truly be proud of all of them. its wonderfull to read all those words from you which are full of love. you are so special!


steffi bachmann


Sherelle i love reading your posts, i can tell what a kind sweet spirit you have. In so many levels i relate to you, your thoughts about your missed love ones really hit me. If i could have put into word what i was feeling about missing my Grandma on Christmas it would be exactly how you put it so eloquently! You are amazing, and your loved ones that have passed on were also blessed to have you in there lives :)You are such a neat lady! I am blessed having stumbled upon your blog through a friend. I love reading your testimony, it strengthens my own! Thankyou for putting it out there for others to grow from!

Heather McDonald

What a great post and such a great reminder of what Christmas is all about. I just recently came upon your blog from a Pinterest link...I love reading it! I love all the photos...I also take lots of photos. Mostly of my sweet nieces and nephews (all 15 of them), summer days spent in the great state of Montana, and family. I'm still learning a lot about lighting and many other things that photography entails. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing...


One of my all time favorite posts, it captures what I love so much about your blog - your love of family truly shines through your pictures and words. I also love the spirit of gratefulness you exude, it is inspiring and uplifting. Merry Christmas again!


I agree...Christmas come and goes so quickly! Blessings to you. I am glad you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.

ellen patton

I was thinking about you and your family over the weekend and remembering your sister-in-law. My brother died a few months before Christmas (in 1998) and the holidays can be bittersweet.

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