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December 05, 2011



Hi Stacey! Here are some of Graces favorites: Little House on the Prarie Series, Ivy Bean Series, Island of the Blue Dolphins (she just finished this and really liked it). She read the Fable Haven series last year...and she loves the Story of Helen Keller by Lorena A. Hickok (its an old book we got from the thrift store). Also, Little Women and Julie of the Wolves Turn Homeward Hannalee (the last two were also favorites of mine when I was younger). Hope this helps :)

Sherelle Christensen

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I have a daughter the same age as your Grace. She is a good reader but kind of in a rut. I was wondering if there were any books or series that Grace would recommend?
I tried to email you but couldn't get it to work.

Brianne Chason

I found your blog initially through Pinterest (can't remember what brought me here) and then started reading through it because I saw you live in Idaho! I moved to Idaho 3 years ago (nearly 4 now) with my husband. I'm a Southern girl, so I've enjoyed the laidback nature of Idaho.

You have a beautiful family. And I don't mean that just to be nice; you've got gorgeous children and I can just see the love you have for them and your husband (and even your animals!) in these photos. I love the pictures of your whole family working together; makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

God has truly blessed you -- your life looks hectic and content :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Gabrielle Cooper

I'm thrilled to hear you have started homeschooling. I also started this year with my oldest in kindergarten level and it's simply the most natural thing to do, teach our own children don't you think? I can imagine it will take some time to adjust to it, I'm only teaching one and it's taking some adjusting, but I know in the end it's the best choice, at least for us it is anyway. Love looking at your pictures and reading your posts. You are a great example to many. Hope you have another lovely day!

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