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November 06, 2011


Raleigh Crowl

I'm so glad that you didn't incur any serious type of injury. This is a very scary experience, just as what Kerstin said. Be careful next time, and take extra precaution while driving during the winter season, as the road maybe twice as slippery compared to during the dry season, okay?

Kerstin Shed

Yow! That looks like a pretty scary experience. Still, it's great that you guys didn't get hurt. The car might need repairs, or perhaps a replacement. Well, get yourselves sorted out first, before attending to the car.


Yikes! First and foremost, Sherelle, I am so glad you and Andrea are okay! But when I saw this post I glanced and saw the pictures so I was quickly skimming the text to see what happened and if everyone was okay. I came to the part where is says that David and Casey were "at home smoking a pork." I stopped, giggled, and had to reread..... I thought you wrote that David and Casey were "home smoking pot." Anyway, the visual was stuck in my head for a few minutes so I was ESPECIALLY glad to know you guys were okay since I was giggling a bit while reading about this terrible experience...... :) NOW; 1.) be careful and 2.) Just Say No!


So glad you and Andrea are O.K., hope the soreness goes away soon.


What a scary ordeal! I'm glad ya'll are o.k.! Hope you both feel better soon!


Oh my that's so scary. Glad you and your passenger are ok!! Winter in MN is just like that, too and I hate it. :(


So glad you are both okay! Scares me to think about it again.

Pamela K.

Yikes! So sorry that you had to experience this, but glad that it was not any worse. Take good care of yourself.


Oh man! I'm so glad that you're alright. And to think we have a whole winter of driving to look forward to. :( Take care.


So glad you are both okay and hope you are feeling better soon. It must have been very frightening x

Lisa V.

Yikes! So glad you're both ok, it could have obviously been so much worse. I was in 3 accidents within a 2 1/2 yr. time period about 20 years ago. I felt like I drove a magnet!
anyway, Ice, Ice, Ice! Ibuprofen for the aches and pains. Once the adrenaline wears off, thats when you really start to ache. Hope you feel better soon!


That road looks familiar- glad you are okay.

lori jolley

Oh sherelle I'm so glad you are both okay! Accidents are so scary! Let me know if I can do anything!!


Scary! Glad you are okay!!!


That is a terrible and scary thing to happen. I hope you feel better and heal quickly.

kristi ottmar

I'm so thankful you are safe. Take care

Andrea Sponenburgh

I am so glad you are feeling better today! I was worried about you all night! I never thought I would love a Ford but after this experience you may have changed my mind! :) Love you!

Korie B.

Goodness! So happy to hear that you came through this relatively unscathed. Be gentle with yourself over the next few days. Get lots of rest!


How scary!! I'm glad that you weren't seriously injured! I hope your bumps and bruises heal quickly! Hugs to you!

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