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November 04, 2011


Alice Byrne

Oh, the children look great in their Halloween costumes! I bet they enjoyed trick-or-treating and visiting their grandparents. It seems that you've got very close family ties. Well, that's great. You're children are so blessed and lucky to still have their great grandparents and grandparents on their side to guide them.

Tsila Sofer Elguez

just like the last comment by Stacey I am also quite interested to read about your homeschooling experience... how it came to be... pros and cons of it... what do the children say? do they miss their school friends? are you happy with it? how do you find time for your work... anything you want to write on the subject (if you want to write on the subject...)


"Because of homeschooling, we spent most of the day carving pumpkins and making caramel popcorn treats to take to our grandparents, and we even sipped on hot chocolate and made some fun Halloween crafts together."
LOVE that! I'm a long time reader and I was not the least bit surprised when you said you were homeschooling. I can totally see you doing that! Can't wait to hear more about it :)

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