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October 19, 2011



So many potatoes!
I just found your blog...makes me want to move to Idaho and be a potato farmer- looks like an awesome life!

Angelica Carballo

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!!

Sarah H.

Sherelle, I always love your harvest posts and this is no exception. I always think of your family when I buy potatoes now! :) And, I will be making your fabulous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies later today! Thanks for all you share with us!


Sarah..that is too funny! I wish I was sitting on the VA beach with you right about now ;)

Sherelle Christensenwww.sherellechristensen.typepad.com

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Sarah O. in VA

Happy Potato Harvest! My favorite pic is the close-up of the pink cowgirl boots. I was talking w/ a girlfriend the other day & we discovered that we both read your blog off & on...and it was funny that we both sat, here in VA Beach, talking about your potato harvest & your blog!


Love your pictures, you have a beautiful family.


Love the last picture. It reminds me of the setting of my grandmother on the farm in ND, sitting at her kitchen table. It brings me back to those days. Thanks

teri walker

I love this post, Sherelle. What an idyllic, hard-won, dirty, close-to-the-earth life! I love the assembly-line lunch-making photos...what cool memories for your kids. Thanks for sharing. And, glad you've enjoyed a good bounty in this year's crop so you can feel secure for the next year.


That is a precious photo - I'm sure she has so many memories of harvests and has been a huge part of the family team! I always love hearing about your family and the farm. Thanks for sharing so many great photos!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I just stumbled upon your blog via a Pinterest photo and just want to say how much I enjoyed the photos of the potato harvest. I live in Western New York, in a small village outside of Buffalo. I am marveling at your photos of the barn full of potatoes!! I'm sitting here imagining the scent in the air, the sounds, and the laughter as your family joins together to make this happen. Wow! So fascinating. Loved my visit. Your blog is a delight. I came over because of your photo of the vintage aprons. I love 'em too!
Lynn :)


I just love your blog. Your photos are so wonderful and always delight my spirit. I know life isn't always easy but thanks for taking the time to share all you do.

Also... wow... that's a whole lotta taters! Buying a sack of them at the store will forever remind me of the work that goes into my purchase! :-)


Your photos are spectacular!!! I dream of living on a farm.

I am new to your blog and I love it.


Jeanne Miller

Oh that picture is so cool! I love silhouetted pictures and pictures through windows.
I am always blown away by how many potatoes go in that thing! Holy Moly! It's like trying to imagine what a blue whale would look like in person, or the wingspan of an eagle compared to the size of their body and the height of a person. Just hard to imagine.


Shauna...Im so glad youve left me a few comments...I used to visit your blog all the time, and then Im not sure why, but I didnt visit for a long time. Seeing your comments reminded me to get your blog bookmarked on my new computer so that I dont forget to stop by! You have such a cute family!

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com

Shauna Rae

That is A LOT of potatoes! AND that is a fun picture of your mother-in-law with the view from the window.

I always get jealous of your fun trips after the harvest. :)

Jackie Adams

Sherelle - Your blog is beautiful. I just have to say . . . .
It's fun to see all the Idaho Potato farming pictures and your cute family. I especially love the picture of you with the beautiful retro hairdo. It's been fun to see you on Pinterest too. I just ran across this blog while on Facebook. What fun. I love it. It reminds me of another girl who got very famous while blogging about her farm ranch cooking. Ever heard of the Pioneer Woman? I bet you have, but if you haven't you should look it up. She has a great cookbook and a cute published story about how she met her man who is a rancher. Look out, you might be famous.


Beautiful pics! Love the one of your MIL!

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