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October 11, 2011



You have a beautiful farm! I aspire to have such a place to call my own someday. How many pear trees do you have? I'm guessing 6 or more female trees..

michelle in Montana

Mmmmm! I picked as many pears as you did from my friends tree. I dehydrated them. They are delish that way, brings out all the sugar and in the middle of winter, it brings a bit of Indian Summer to your day!
I also made pear butter, which is divine, literally! Oh gosh it is good! season it with cardamom....heavenly! And I made pear sauce. Which is grand in lieu of apple sauce in cake recipes, a very wonderful change! I love pears! They are very photogenic too!
shine on! ~m


I love all the pear photos, we had a pear tree while we lived in Virginia and loved filling up baskets with fresh pears. I bet that cider will be wonderful!


we love pear cider!!! without any apple - so soft and refreshing.
and pear soup *old receipt from my grandma*

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