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October 08, 2011


Kami Shaulis

Great site all around.. Lovely photos, great recipes,and great lifestyle.
Thanks for sharing..

Jeanne Miller

mmmm tomatoes!


That sure is a lot of tomatoes! I have been having major problems trying to comment so I will try this way and hope it works! Glad you had help!


Love the pics, especially the green feet! Snow really, already? Jeesh! Looks like you guys will be ready. :)


Love the tomato pics, and all that canning. I can't wait for next year's garden, here in Texas the drought hit us hard so this years harvest was small. I got some tires (per an earlier post of yours) and am ready for next Spring. I think its going to be a good year for putting up lots of yummy tomato sauce, soup, salsa!


Love your pictures Sherelle!! and I adore your life! I'm so jealous;)
Merci de partager tous ces moments de bonheur en notre compagnie!

alicia king

holy moly! that's a LOT of tomatoes! look at you go!

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