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September 25, 2011



I love all of your gorgeous pictures of your hard earned garden treasures. What kind of baskets do you use to hold your garden wealth? I love the idea of being able to rinse the produce a bit with the garden hose.


I happened upon your site through Pinterest and I have to say I am already a fan. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the canning recipes. Looking forward to coming back again.


I love your blog! I have been following it for years now. Crazy to think I have followed so long. I feel like i know you all. You have a darling family.

Love all the pictures. I wish you could share tips of gardening and canning as you learn or improve.

Jennifer George

I gotta admit I'm a tad jealous of all your gorgeous garden goodies. We still have a ton of green tomatoes outside that I fear will never turn red. I, too, started homeschooling this year. Wow! What a fun, busy adventure it's been. Good luck!


TFS Sherelle! I love your simple life, your pictures♥♥
Merci beaucoup


I LOVE this post! I can't wait to read about your homeschooling adventures! Sherelle you so are inspiring! I am so happy to see you back! Good Luck with Harvest this year! I hope it is a great one!

Tammi C

Looks like a very boutiul harvest from your garden! Love it!
Congratulations on deciding to homeschool! I homeschool mine too, (we have 4 kids, but only 2 are school age) and we are farmers as well here in Indiana. My kids love it because they get to spend so much time at the farm with their daddy and grandaddy, doing what they love. Goodluck with your adventure :)

Tammi C


I have missed seeing your beautiful harvest photos! I'm curious...what made you decide to make the switch to home school? Glad to see all the smiling faces here!!

Tiffany bingham

I live in Shelley & found your blog from chris Russell whom I know. I lOve reading what you are doing. You are one amazing mOmma & you inspire me to be better. I too decided to homeschool this year, & I agree it makes crazy life even crazier. It also is amazing. Good luck with it.

Shauna Rae

I'm curious what you do with your tomatillos. I have a ton and don't know what to do with them so that they don't waste.

LOVE your pictures as usual!


I love, love, love seeing the garden photos. I homeschooled for 9 years (well, most of). Your going to love it.
I planted Zinnia's because of your garden, and mine are just beautiful! I love them SOOoooo much!


Your Garden prouce is amazing and fantastic! What a lot of hard work you must do to get that reward ;-)
I would love the salsa verde recepie when you get a spare minute (you prob will never get spare mins now!). I would love to hear more about the homeschooling.
Thanks for sharing these amazing pics.


I love reading your blog especially during this time of year. You're so productive and you really motivate me. Love it! Hope you're doing well!

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