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September 25, 2011



I will keep that in mind for a future post...thanks for the idea :)

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com


Sherelle, your girls are beautiful; they look like little models!
Today I got a chance to read your most recent posts, and I was very glad to see all of them.
I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous your landscaping around the house is. I have nothing, really, around our house. My husband says we need some bushes! I agree, but i want something gorgeous like yours!

if you ever get around to it, would you mind posting a bit about it to us? Thanks and have a good harvest! (We're going through the same here, harvesting field corn and soy beans... long days and weeks too). God Bless.


My 5 year old is standing next to me admiring those scooters and pointing out that his birthday is in December :)
Happy Birthday to the girls, my husband is an Irish twin and those brothers are each others best friend.


Happy Birthday to your two princesses!! they look mischievous;-)
greetings ;)


happy birthday again for both girls. seams like you had a gread day out!

greetings :)

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