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June 12, 2011



gracias a Dios por intiresny

 Brandon Inge Jersey

What a great family you have....There very beautiful place.

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There very beautiful place. A lot of people from all world go there for looking this beauty.

Missy Allaire

What a great family you have. I am siting here eating lunch and checking all my favorite blogs and I'm laughing so hard at the last two pics with the animal. Is it a cat? I can see what I think is not the head in the one picture but the pic in the couch I can't make out. So funny kids with animals.


Wow, that looks almost scary on those falls. In fact, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get almost half of my kids to walk to the observation platform. And I'd be freaking out a little too. I am a little afraid of heights. I think that is the same falls a friend of mine went to a few years ago- but it was a lot more mellow then. I never can remember the name, but maybe some day we'll get there... but probably not in the spring :)

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