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June 12, 2011



Such a beautiful tribute in so many ways and there is nothing wrong with taking photos at a funeral - it is a memory just like all the others we photograph and keep. The spray you put together is just amazing and a very touching way of showing your respect and how much you love him and your Grandma too.
Prayers for your family - remember he is up there smiling down on you!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

so sorry for your loss. thank you for allowing us in blog land into your every day life. my heart goes out to you & your family. it looks like it was a beautiful day. God Bless.

Katie Burgess

Sooooo..... sorry for the loss of your grandpa, I too just lost my grandfather as well.

Your grey dress that you wore to the funeral is adorable! Where did you get it/what brand is it?


I'm sorry to hear of your grandpa's passing. What a special way to remember it though.

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The people must not forget their relatives that gone from their life. The memories are very important.

Kristina Hetherington

I love all the pics... I love you... I love your entire family... xo

Priscilla Resendez

I just found your blog, happen to love it, hate that I found it during a sad time in your life :o( Im so sorry for your loss...


I'm sorry for your loss Sherelle. I admire your family values very much. I am sure that your grandpa appreciates every little touch...like the hand picked flowers. Beautiful pictures!


It looks like it was a great service, and those flowers are so special. I think I like them better than a store bought one too. It really means a lot more.
My husband's grandpa had a military funeral a few years ago, the first one I'd been to. It was very neat. I had my camera taking pictures too. I think it's nice to have the pictures and his wife (our Nana) was glad to have them. I am sure your family will really appreciate them too.


Absolutely gorgeous and heartfelt. I am a Christian so for me is a celebration just like you showed on these gorgeous pictures, it is sad for us but oh so wonderful for your grandpa at the presence of the Lord.
God Bless your beautiful family :)
PS Lots of beautiful ladies on that photo for sure!


Simply Beautiful and Breathtaking..... So Sorry to hear of this loss.


So glad to hear you didn't let the disapproving looks keep you from taking photos - it should be remembered. My grandmother is nearing the end (just turned 95) and I plan to take photos as well. Yours are very respectful - just beautiful really.

Stephanie Balmforth

Sherelle your Grandpas funeral was beautiful. You shouldn't feel bad
even for a minute for taking pictures at the cemetery. Our great grandma passed away a couple weeks ago and we took lots of pictures at the cemetry. It will always be good to be able to look back and reflect on that special day.

Heather Crawford

I love that you photographed things..I really really regret that I chickened out at my Grandpa's funeral...very much regret that..it won't happen again...

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