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June 25, 2011


Danielle Dunavant

I am a little confused about why you are using yeast in the bread recipe. I thought the whole idea of having a starter is to substitute a natural yeast rather than the store bought kind. Can you elaborate a little on this please? I do LOVE the bread recipe! The dough is so soft and easy to work with and it tastes wonderful! Thank you for the blog. II hope you still monitor this site!!


I ordered Einkorn wheat berries and am looking for recipes for making sourdough bread with them. Would the recipe be the same with Einkorn wheat? Have you ever used this wheat before?


How do you feed your starter? And how long does it keep?


Love this recipe.


This is such a great blog!!! Really makes me hungry just reading and looking at the pictures : ) I recently baked my first loaf of bread and it was incredible!!! I used a starter my friend told me about. It's from Sourdough's International and now I have to spread the word! I loved it. Definitely going to order more when it comes the time.


Can u do this in a bread making machine? :)


Love your beautiful blog! It feels like a piece of home.


Sherelle, where do you find all your embroidered linens? I love them!


There is just something about hot, fresh home baked bread! Thanks for sharing! You ARE missed when you aren't around!! Glad to see you back!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gabrielle Cooper

I missed your posts! You are probably one of two or three people in the blogging world who I look forward to reading the posts from. I don't care to read posts of those who want attention brought to themselves. I enjoy reading your posts because they are so passionable and it is like reading a Personal journal. Love it! Have a good week.

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