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May 20, 2011


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Oh, looks very good...... i like

Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Wow.You are a super grower.These juicy and mouth watering tomatoes looking very fresh.I like to grow tomatoes hydroponically in my garden which give me natural and real taste.


Some beautiful tomato plants for sure! I am just starting up on my first veggie garden and it's going to be quite a bit of work. I started my li'l seedlings in dixie cups and am baby-ing them so carefully bc of all the freezes we are getting. I hope to have lil' tiny plants to transfer to the garden plot in a week or so! I am trying out a 'topsy turvey' tomato plant and so far I am impressed! You sure inspire me!

Laura Beek

I'm so impressed. I have been looking for a great recipe to use all my tomatoes in and I'm growing basil again this year. Can you share that recipe for your tomato basil soup? I searched your recipe box for it and didn't see it so I hope I didn't miss it. I would love a green house just for fresh veggies in the cold. Any ideas where I can find a scale that cool for use in my kitchen?



Angelica Carballo

WOW!! fantastic veggies.

alicia king



wow! I am so jealous! I won't be picking tomatoes for a couple months! We just put our plants in the garden yesterday!


This is amazing. It is definitely one of my goals to have a garden, and seeing this is just that much more inspiration! Great job!

Thanks for sharing


It is impressive!! Enjoy it. :o)


My mouth is watering looking at those pictures! I LOVE someone who can cook and will cook for me, to bad im not in your family, I might be over every day ;-) Seriously you do amazing work!! Im jelous of your family that they get to eat your yummy cooking and all your yummy veggies :)


WOW!!I just pulled ten tomatoes from our small garden and was pretty proud. You have a crazy amount. I keep praying we get a bunch at one time like that this year. :)Enjoy the fresh produce. Salsa sounds soooo good.

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