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April 16, 2011


Pea Sheller

I remember my grandfather always being sure to rotate his peas every year. He never told me why you should rotate them. Hmmm...I am now curious. If you ever hear the reason I'd love to read about it. Thanks for sharing the pea tips, I'll have to print them out so I'll have them for my first veggie garden next year. (wish it was this year, but just too much going on to give a garden the attention it deserves).


Thanks for taking the time to write this post! I planted a garden a few years ago and failed miserably. Maybe I'll give it another try. Thanks again!


Thanks for all the tips! I have tried to garden a little in the past without much success. This year I'll have my first official big backyard garden - I am really excited! I have been buying seeds and getting some ready to pre-plant indoors but overall am going to wing this! Thanks for the ideas and suggestions - you rock!
PS any tips on raspberries???

Laura Beek

I love your garden photos! My goal this year is to actually get a photo of myself in my garden that I'm okay with scrapbooking and posting on my blog. I don't look cute when I'm gardening so it'll have to be after I've cleaned up. It'll be my fourth summer to have a garden. I was an Army brat and we just didn't have gardens growing up. It's been a lifelong dream. I took horticulture classes at BYU Idaho back when it was Ricks. Thanks for the tips on peas - I learned something I didn't know. I am going to try Oregon sugar pods because I like to eat the entire pod and they are bigger than the early greys. What are the brands you like and why? Which peas can you plant later? We also use the cattle panels and they are fabulous. We just used bolt cutters and cut of the bottom rung and then stick them into the soil, but the posts might help with the wind we get - thanks for the idea. Do you have sandy or clay soil?


This is good to know because I have some lettuce I started from seed (with the stuff you suggested in your other post a little bit ago) as well as some peas and I was uncertain when to put them out. I knew they could tolerate colder weather, but still wasn't sure when.I just need a spot now... I really want to make some planter boxes but I don't know if it's going to get done soon enough with my other to do's. Hope they hang in there. What about wax beans- I have a couple of shoots that are taller than the peas now only after a few days. They seems so sturdy I was wondering if they could be put outside now too?
I planted all of this stuff and now I don't know what to do... I don't have the next stage ready!!! This is why I usually only think about a garden, because I get ahead of myself.


Ooh thanks for these tips! I have just bought lots of seeds and my hubby and I are currently giving our small garden a makeover. So this is great inspiration for me! I have followed your blog for years now & it's my favourite. Thanks for sharing x


I have been following your blog for about a month now, and have to say it is one of my favs. I am so glad you post this one. This is my first year at trying my hand at a garden, since I was a little girl. My grandparents had big gardens are they did not eat. I just now have my peas popping there little heads up out of the ground. I have theme in raised beds. I am not sure on how often to water. I read that they need like an inch of water a week, but how do I know if I am giving them that. I used miracle grow vegetable soil in the beds. I think for the first year if I just get enough for one meal out of my small garden I will be happy. Long as I learn to have a awesome garden for next year. If you could bass a tip are two onto a new gardener I would so be greatful. Thanks.....~Cherrie~

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