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April 01, 2011



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Kristina Louise

I'd like to request a recipe: Ultimate Nachos a la Colonial House apartment 311, circa 1997. Thanks.


thanks for the advice about the strawberries! i will try less water :)


Hi Becky! I have used several different kinds, and they have all worked well, but I think I prefer the tri-tip roast :)

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com


So glad you liked it Robin! It tastes like a million bucks, but is so easy!!!

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com


Tried this yesterday and we LOVED it!! Thanks!

Homeowner Insurance

Thanks for sharing this great recipe! My family loves it!

Becky Garling

Hi Sherelle!
Thanks for sharing this recipe! I can't wait to try it, but I am not so great with choosing roasts. What is the best cut called for this recipe?


Hi Jackie! I would guess that your strawberries are too wet. It could be your soil (not good enough drainage), or that you are watering them too much. Also, make sure that your plants dont get too overgrown. I have a mature strawberry patch, and I thin it out every year so that the berries get more air and room to grown. If you patch is new, I would suspect that it is probably the water issue...I wish I was more of an expert ;)

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com


Hello Sherelle, I have a question for you. I am starting my first Garden this year and have planted strawberries and love how beautiful your always turn out! Do you have any advice for me? I have a few sttrawberries starting but am finding they are rotting before they even get big enough to pick...Thank you so much :)

Deanna Morgan

Thnaks for the recipe! Love your pictures; makes me miss my farm background (many, many years ago). Your veggies look soooo luscious!
And thanks for growing my favorite food (potatoes)!

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