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April 27, 2011



Hi there! Lovely kitchen. Can you tell me the name of your paint colors and brand?

Wendy West

I love country life!!!
Great blog.


Love the vintage look! You have an amazing kitchen! Love the aprons!


This website is gorgeous and these kitchen shots...I adore them...thanks for the inspiration.

Simply Deluscious

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi there! I just have to tell you how much I adore your kitchen! It is the look that I love so much!!! Makes me want to paint our cabinets all the more to have them look great with my vintage goodies! So glad I found your post!



Ii saw your kitchen on Pinterest! Oh, my goodness - this looks marvelous - olden aprons and all!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


LOVE the kitchen, especially the cream vintage-looking cupboard with the rounded bottom lower drawers/cupboards. Is that an antique? I'd love to know how to find one. Thanks!

Judy Miller

Guess I'll proof read from now on so homey and welcoming don't look stupid as well as myself. It's early here and dark in this room-can I use that as an excuse????LOL

Judy Miller

OMGosh, Love this kitchen, so hoey and wlcoming. I will be a follower from now on, saw it on Pinterest and had to peak. Blessing from Louisiana, Judy


Sherelle! I haven't visited in so/too long... Lo and behold, your GORGEOUS kitchen popped up on Pinterest, and I have reconverted to being a regular reader ;) Love your style, as always! So excited to become reacquainted. *B


What a beautiful kitchen you have :)

jenny holiday

Ahhh!! How did I just find your blog now!? Hooray that I did!! Through Pinterest I might add.

Love love everything to bits!! :) Going to have to go through your archives! :)

Happy Summer!
xo Jenny


Your vintage look reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.


If I had a Pinterest board, I'd definitely pin that first photo. The colors and textures are beautiful.


Bright & colorful vintage...looks beautiful on your new hooks!


I love how you have the vintage mixed in with the new. The aprons are fabulous and I love that old scale you have hanging next to them


Hey Sharla! Here is the post you were looking for about trimming tomatoes...I hope it works for you as well as it has for me :) http://sherellechristensen.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/07/garden-bounty-homemade-ranch-dressing-tomato-trimming.html

Sherelle Christensen

To: [email protected]


Hi Kathy. I hate to say this, but I have no secrets! Mine is covered in fingerprints most of the time too (it just so happens thatthe kitchen was just cleanedin this photo). Do you have a stainless steel cleaner? I really like the results I get using that :)

Sherelle Christensen

To: [email protected]


Gorgeous pictures!!! Oh I just adore the way it all looks!! Beautiful colors in the aprons ~ looks so pretty where you have placed them!!
BTW ~ I have the same fridge as you and was wondering how you keep it so clean and shiny? I have three little ones and it gets smudgy and I have finger prints all over it always!!


Very pretty! I was looking back through your gardening posts last weekend and drooling. . . I was looking for your post about trimming tomatoes. I definitely need to do it this year!

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