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March 07, 2011


down jackets

Newsletters and direct marketing campaigns are shifting out of e-mail to take advantage of RSS efficiencies and positive word-of-mouth characteristics.


Ah, covered in dirt and smiles- that's the best! Well said. I visit your blog here and there as you're lifestyle is so on the other side of the fence as mine, but I love all the pictures and insight to life on a farm with little ones under foot.


I love reading your blog and you have inspired me to grow a garden this year with my little ones. Everything is planned out and ready to go, and I cannot wait to see their little faces as we watch our vegetables grow.

I too, am anticipating sring. After a long and dark winter I cannot wait to see the first signs of life and a new beginning.


OK Dana...you inspired me to dig deeper into my stuff and declutter more! Hauled off four bags today! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Sherelle Christensen

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You found tulips and daylillies???? SO JEALOUS!!!

Sherelle Christensen

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I am so glad to hear youre loving Lightroom! Well hope for spring...keep your fingers crossed!

Sherelle Christensen

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p.s. those are some stellar chicken boots!


i really enjoy your blog and i'm so glad i 'met' you via the web. i am loving lightroom. =) your family is beautiful and talented!! wow, that girl can play the fiddle! we are a big music loving family and i'm inspired to enroll my girls in music classes soon. i'm looking forward to warmer weather too...hopefully soon here in illinois. i'm getting chickens (for the first time) in april. looking forward to that adventure!

alicia king

these are the worse months, the weather gets really old there huh! love the new look! i've been wanting to do the same, but i don't want to dedicate the time!


Good news :) I found my tulips and daylillies poking up out of the ground yesterday afternoon :) Not sure the 14 year old appreciated the big dance around the yard with his crazy mom, but I am sooo excited, even more snow doesn't make me mad :)


Oh my gosh! I so agree! I'm so tired of winter, snow and cold! I can't even see my grass and we are expecting more snow! Please, no... :(

I think it's cabin fever. I've been cleaning things out like a crazy woman. I've donated a dozen bags of clothing and household items to charity and am enjoying having less "stuff"... I guess winter has been good for something! :)

I am still working on ways to further simplify my life and in doing so I think that will help me really enjoy Spring and Summer when it finally arrives.

I enjoy your blog so much. I know it's difficult to keep up with it... but your glimpses of your farm and animals and GREENHOUSE are just wonderful. I dream of having a greenhouse... Minnesota winters are so rough.

Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Sargent

I'm with ya sister! Seriously, bring it on! I feel like I'm WAY more productive in the spring/summer! I was seriously getting the winter blues, but a little sunshine here and there is helping! p.s. I think our horses are due here in about 3 weeks.


Love the comment from Wendy! How cute! You did an amazing job with the blog redesign!! I think this winter has been extremely long...here in Upstate NY...we are really tired of winter. We got another foot the day before yesterday and possibly more to come this weekend. Enough already! Bring on the spring!!!

Wendy Peatross

Love your new blog look. Your posts always inspire me. I think I want to be Sherelle when I grow up.


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