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March 30, 2011



My girls ride and I know how you feel....
You haven't posted any scrapbooking pages are you still scraping..??

Jane :)


Your little boy is growing up!! He sure does look proud on that dirt bike!! I agree...Amen to keeping from having a heart attack!


Amen to keeping from having a heart attack. I can wait for this day but it is approaching quicker than I want. Best Wishes!


He is the most darling boy! I would have a heart attack too but I guess it's all part of that eastern Idaho/Farm stuff right?

My daughter married an Idaho Falls boy and now has her own rifle, they go shooting, they ride dirt bikes, and do other crazy things that she never did growing up. They have already informed me to just get used to the idea that my grandchildren will be doing these things as well. LOL

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